Monday, 31 May 2010


The string on the fishing line isnt perfect but here we go.

Something a bit more like this?

A bit rushed because i just wanna see if i have the right idea over the movement. If this (rough) movement is okay i'll clean it up and get it on Adrive.

Matts really really crappy weekend.

Im just be blunt and say it.

Shots 13, 16 and 18 all corrupted on me on friday.

After a depserate hour of me tearing my hair out and checking and rechecking practically every folder and file on my computer i managed to recover most of shot 13, half of shot 16 and none of shot 18. I also managed to find the most uptodate playblasts i had.

Needless to say my weekend has been a pretty damn depressing rush of me locked to my computer redo-ing all my work from last week.

Shot 13 is at the stage posted below. I will continue work on it when i've finished typing this and get that finished asap.

Shot 16 is at this stage.

I managed to recover all of heros movement do i just had to reanimate Lady. So its pretty Identical to what i had before.
Personally i think this just needs a bit of cleaning on her body and he blink starts a bit too soon before she turns, i want to have this done today. Feedback plz.

And shot 18 is at this stage.

Which is a bit further along than it was before it corrupted. I tried to make the spade look a bit heavier this time round, hoping to have most of this scene finished by the end of the day if not finished.

After these 3 are complete i just have shot 35 to do, which is already roughly blocked out so i have a pretty good idea of timings. So im gonna be trying to be finished with the animation by weds eve if all goes to plan and we don't have anymore crippling errors that seem to be springing out of the woodwork this week.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hero Textured

Hero's textures are now on the Adrive. I can tell you now that they ARN'T going to work on shot 26 as it is because the model is using the old UV layout. I'll change this and re-up the file later on tonight, this shouldn't effect the (hopefully already rendered) occlusion, z-depth etc.

Also the button/string hasn't been textured cuz they havnt been uv'd and im not too sure what to do with them.

Macho's teeth texture is now on the Adrive as well. Dependant upon what model you have you may need to Auto-Uv the teeth then apply the texture. Same texture for top and bottom.